Cookie Cruncher

Playing Cookie Clicker or Cookie Clicker Classic?


Because of the rapid evolution of the game and the large number of similar utilities that exist, Rareş is no longer working on updating this spreadsheet. Browse through the other utilities that exist on the wiki to find an alternative:

If you have a similar tool based on mine that you'd like posted here, let me know.

This is a spreadsheet that makes it easier for you to simulate scenarios and decide which purchases are most efficient.

WHAT THIS SPREADSHEET DOES: It makes basic calculations to see which purchases will give the biggest cookies/second increase

WHAT IT DOESN'T DO: It does not provide a solution for the game, in the sense that it does not tell you whether to wait for an upgrade/purchase or buy cheaper items instead.


Feedback? Suggestions? Improvements?

They are welcome here.


The .xlsx version below is for Excel 2007+ and the .xls version is for earlier versions.